APOD_JAPAN 2017/08/21  
Flying Object Passing Near Diamond Ring Just After C3


Explanation:Pictured above is a frame of the video of the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 recording at Suck's Lake/Park [1] in Ground Island, Nebraska, USA. After the return to Japan, the flying object was found in the video passing near the diamond ring just after the end of the total eclipse. Click on the above picture, the cropping 7 seconds movie will show that a flying object is passing through the upper right of the Sun from bottom right to upper left at the same time as somebody's laughing voice. At first it was thought to be ISS because of the reports [2] of the ISS transit Sun during partial eclipse from other places and its similar appearance in the above picture to the shape of ISS. But it is not thought to be appropriate to ISS because of the differences of the highest-point altitude and azimuth though near time [3], according to the information from the web sites and astronomical software for ISS. And unfortunately, candidate satellites were also not found. It should be searched in August because of less accuracy on past dates by frequent updates of satellites orbit information.

  Author, editor, Image Credit & Copyright:Aiichiro Niwa(APOD_Japan)  
[1] GoogleMap>(40°54'33.9"N  98°21'09.6"W)>EARTH
[2] EarthSky>Space> August 24, 2017>Space station transits sun during eclipse
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